Check-in time for RV-Park is between 1 PM and 7 PM

Check-out for RV's no later than noon.


If you have to cancel your monthly reservation, you can do so prior to 7 days of your planned arrival and you won't be charged.

If you don't cancel in time, we will charge you for one full week, unless we can rent your RV-site or Apartment to somebody else.


We do NOT offer refunds for early departure.


We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please, be considerate of our delicate septic system,

toilet-paper only!

Our water pressure is high and we strongly recommend

use of a water pressure regulator.

Please recycle! - Owner and Host on site - Owner Operated

                       RULES AND REGULATIONS RV-PARK


Your registration acknowledges your agreement to these policies:



Early arrivals and late departures must be approved by the office.

STOP & REGISTER at the office UPON ARRIVAL. Late arrivals register in the morning.

RESERVATIONS are encouraged  –  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE SITE ASSIGNMENTS on reservations if necessary.

CANCELLATIONS must be made ONE WEEK prior to arrival. If you haven’t cancelled in time at least one week will be charged on your credit card.

DAY VISITORS must check in at office for parking instructions and must leave the park by 10 PM. Overnight visitors pay $ 10.- / night.

RV and tent-sites must be kept in a neat and orderly fashion and are limited to one RV/tent, one vehicle and one boat. For every additional boat or car we charge $ 10.-/ night. An extra tent is $ 15.- / night, an extra RV $ 25/ night. Sites are limited to a maximum of two adults and two children unless there is a different agreement made with the office.

RESTROOMS and SHOWERS require a code for access. Do not give out your code to anyone. Report any service issues to management.

QUIET HOURS are from 10 PM to 8 AM. NO loud noise or music allowed at any time. No revving of motorcycles, or idling (diesel) engines. No ATV’s.

MUSIC: No loud music allowed. Anytime! With loud music we mean music that can be heard outside your R.V.-site boundaries. You will be asked to leave if you don’t obey this rule.

GENERATORS may not be run at any time in the park, except during power outage.

SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MPH. Please pay attention to your speed. You may be asked to leave the park if you can’t slow down.

PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE for the behavior of their children.

PETS! We allow you to bring your pets but the owner/caretaker is responsible for picking up after them, keeping them on a leash at ALL times when out of the assigned RV-site, and keeping them QUIET! Barking is absolutely not allowed. Pets are not allowed in restrooms, showers, or laundry room. Guest-dogs must remain in their vehicle. Cats need to be kept inside the RV at all times during the night. Owners who do not obey our pet rules will be asked to leave the park.

ALCOHOL COMSUMPTION must be limited to your RV-site and in moderation.  

SMOKING only allowed in your own RV-site.

CIGARETTE BUTTS need to be thrown where they belong. And that’s not on the ground. No smoking in laundry, showers, and restrooms.

TABLES MAY NOT BE MOVED without prior authorization from the office. Any moved table MUST be put back before leaving camp.

CAMPFIRES allowed in fire rings only. You MAY NOT bring in any “junk wood” from the forest. Wood of your own must be split as for a stove or fireplace. During very dry times you may not have a fire at all. Please check with the office.

BBQ’s Please refrain from setting charcoal grills directly on lawns or park picnic tables. The heat will cause damage.

FIREWORKS AND FIREARMS may not be discharged in the park at any time.

LAUNDRY: Do not hang clothes or towels on trees, trailers, fences or walls. And no clotheslines. We have two laundromats on site.

TRASH: Keep your camp site litter free. We have lots of trash cans and a dumpster. Please wrap garbage. No fish guts and liquids in garbage. Please recycle glass and beer cans in designated recycle-bins.

FISH GUTS have to be disposed off in the river and not in the trash cans or dumpster.

VEHICLE REPAIR is not allowed on the premises except flat tires. No liquid adding, draining, changing or flushing on the premises.

CAR OR BOAT WASHING is not allowed on the premises. 

HEATING We prefer the use of propane to keep the rates as low as they are. Excessive use of electric heat will increase the rates.

SEPTIC To preserve our septic system, do NOT dispose of sanitary napkins and wipes in toilets, and limit your use of bleach. Don’t flush grease, paint, oil etc. or anything else that could clog up our sewer pipes. 

WATER HOOKUP requires water pressure regulator due to high water pressure in our park. Hydrant and water hose have to be winterized during the late fall and winter months. This will be your responsibility.


Failure to comply with our rules may result in you being asked to leave the park without a refund. We reserve the right to refuse anybody on our premises without giving any reason.


Wind Mountain RV-Park and Lodge

50561 State Hwy 14

Home Valley / Stevenson, WA 98648        Tel. (509) 607-3409


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